Tips And Tricks To Make Your Essays Longer

From lengthy conclusions to fancy headlines

It’s about that time of year when school is feeling like a lot, right? Between homework, after-school study, and preparing for upcoming exams and orals, it’s natural to begin feeling a little burnt out.

While we sadly can’t make all your school troubles disappear completely, we can however point you in the right direction for success. Writing essays, whether it’s for english, art history, or even geography can be tricky sometimes.

You can be writing for what feels like an age and still, you haven’t hit the page or word count your teacher asked you to, so what do you do? Well, if you’ve done all your research and spoke about all the necessary points, here are some tips we have to help you hit that page requirement.

Add some quotes 

If you mention a certain person or topic, don’t be shy to throw in the odd quote or two if it’s relevant. This will not only help you to ground your essay but will also help you hit that sweet sweet word count too. Just be sure you don’t go too overboard with the quotes as it could weaken your essay, usually, 1-3 is the sweet spot in any short essay.

Spell, spell, spell

A good way to sneak in those extra characters is by spelling things you might not usually spell. When it comes to numbers, instead of writing down ‘7’ spell out the word ‘seven’ instead. Every little helps.


Throughout the writing process and before you finish up, be sure to read over everything you have written. You will be surprised, sometimes you’ll come across a sentence that you could have expanded on, or realised that there’s a good point you missed out on. An extra tip with this is having someone else proofread for you, it could be your older sibling or your friend. Ask them what they think and if there’s anything extra they would include. This will help you to take your essay to that next level as well as meeting the required page count.

Use multiple examples 

Sharing examples is always recommended in any essay. When you do come to a point where you can share examples, be sure to use multiple, and not just one. This will not only show that you know what you’re talking about, but also make your essay longer too.

Include headlines 

Sometimes, an essay can be easier to read when it’s divided into different sections. If your teacher is okay with this, why not take advantage and add some *spice* to each headline? You can change up the font, or if they’re handwritten make them large and in cursive. This will make your essay look longer and also inform of the reader of what each section is about.

Don’t be shy on details 

When it comes to details, add them all in. There can never be too much information in an essay so be sure that each detail mentioned is descriptive.

In conclusion…

Always include a concluding paragraph in your essay. A conclusion is just as important as an introduction as it rounds up all of the points you made in your essay. Take this as one last opportunity to give your word count a bump. A conclusion shouldn’t be too long, but around a paragraph long, be sure to raise all of the relevant points you need to in this part and push the word count out as far as you can.