Tommy Fury Surprised Molly-Mae With A Puppy But People Are Not Too Pleased About It

It's sparked a serious debate



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Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have sparked debate this week after Tommy surprised Molly with a puppy.

Molly celebrated her 21st birthday earlier in the week, and as a belated birthday present her Love Island boyfriend, Tommy, surprised her with a cute Pomeranian last night. But, it is the way in which the dog arrived in the UK which is making people question Tommy’s actions.

Sharing information on her Instagram stories about the surprise, Molly-Mae said that her puppy, named Chai, had been imported from Russia.

Sharing an update on her story she said:

β€œHe was meant to be here on my birthday btw guys but he’s coming from Russia so there were delays etc.”

Given the current circumstances we’re under, many people questioned whether the choice to import a dog from another country was responsible or not, given that there are many ethical pomeranian breeders available in the UK, and also, rescue centres.

Voicing their opinions, one fan wrote:

While another tweeted:


Although we trust that Tommy and Molly-Mae were responsible when choosing their breed, and have no doubt that they will be great dog-owners, it does encourage conversation on the importance of dog rescue, something that so many people feel passionately about.

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