Toy Show Treats: The Best Recipes And Snacks

What's the Toy Show without some fun food?

It’s Toy Show time! But we can’t watch this Irish rite of passage without any treats! We’ve put together a list of sweet snacks for the great night ahead! Some of these will require a bit of shopping and baking, but some are just melting a bit of chocolate to get the ball rolling! Make it pretty and get it up on your Insta!


Chocolate in popcorn

Let’s start simple. She’s a bit basic, but we love her. Whether it’s Maltesers, Minstrels or M&Ms mixing a bit of chocolate into your popcorn is one of the nicest and easiest snacks ever!

Kinder Fudge

With just a few ingredients, you can make one of the yummiest treats on Tiktok! Feel free to add or sub in more chocolate options to tweak it to your tastes!

@fitwaffle 3-ingredient Kinder Fudge #kinder #fudge #chocolate #tiktokfood #foodtok ♬ A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

Mouth watering brownies

Ahhh you can’t beat a brownie. This recipe even lets you add some flavour and creativity by putting different twists on the classic brownie, section by section.

@archivedchef 🤩🤩 #brownies #brownie #archivedchef #recipe #baking #recipes #dessert #bakingrecipe #bake ♬ original sound – William Seng

Rocky road

Rocky road is the OG of “no bake” baking. It opens up so many possibilities of what you can use to jazz it up! It doesn’t take too long so you could even make it after dinner and have it ready for when Tubs appears on your screen!

@fitwaffle 5-ingredient Kinder & Nutella Rocky Road #kinder #nutella #rockyroad #tiktokfood #foodtok ♬ TWINNEM – Coi

Home made Jammie Dodgers

These are perfect if you want a chocolate break but still have a sweet tooth. Perfect for dunking in a your cuppa and super cute!

@archita_s &lt/3 #fyp #baking #heartcookies ♬ original sound – tvquotes

Christmas tree brownies

Put a Christmas twist on your brownies! This cutting technique is perfect for getting the right shape, while using the most of the tray as possible!

@turtlecreeklaneofficial Brownies + Christmas 😍 Need I say more? #christmasdessert #christmasdesserts #christmasbrownies #brownietiktok #christmastreats #christmastreats🎄🍫 ♬ original sound – Jennifer Houghton

Super Smores

Oh my goodness! It’s like a cake, but smores… GO GO GO!

@christmas2021c0untdown cozy Christmas dessert #holidayszn #foryou #christmas2021 #fyp #viral #holidaytreats #desserttiktok #smores ♬ original sound – ✰ Christmas sounds ✰

Charcuterie boards

If you’re not a sweet gal, these are perfect for the whole fam! Load up on all your food groups, grab fruit, meats and cheeses , crackers and dips! Munch away!

Dessert board

Much like a charcuterie board, but sweet! Marshmallows, Oreo’s, some fruits and melted chocolate for dipping! Pretzels, taytos, jellies! Make a yummy hot chocolate and get stuck in!


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Chocolate covered Stawberries

Another classic that you can’t go wrong with. Mix it up by trying different chocolates, add little treats, make little faces! So sweet and juicy!

Christmas cake pops

These are great for gifting to people for the toy show or bringing over to someones to watch the show together! Can’t go empty handed!

@allyoucansweet Merry Christmas💚❤️ here’s a holiday cake pop tutorial!🎄 #Christmas2020 #christmastreats #merrychristmas #cakepops #baking #happyholidays ♬ Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Bublé

Chocolate giftmas

These little parcels of yumminess are to die for! Choose your bars, like Snickers, Mars, etc and get to dipping.

@earthhallows YAYYY!! #AsSceneOnTubi #PrimeDayDealsDance #fy #christmaspresent #fy #treat #christmas #christmasbaking #AsSceneOnTubi #PrimeDayDealsDance #xmas ♬ Sleigh Ride – Ella Fitzgerald

It ain’t easy being cheesy

If you’ve got a soft spot for the soft cheeses like we do, then this is perfect! Bake the dough to go with it or grab some crackers! We’re going in head first!

@xmasstiktokk savoryy christmas treats omg😌🎄. [VC:so yummy] #christmas #christmasbaking #christmastiktok #christmastiktok #christmasvibes ♬ Sleigh Ride – Ella Fitzgerald

Rice crispy treats

A childhood classic, this two ingrediant treat is hard to beat! If you want to get crazy, melt some chocolate or use coco pops to get that chocolately goodness in! Cut up into smaller pieces to add to your desert board and away we go!

@.winterholidayz Made christmas rice crispy treats!🎄⛄️❄️ #christmas #foryou ♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Frank Sinatra


The Late Late Show kicks off on RTE One Friday at 9.35

By Sadhbh Pearse