This New Card Will Make Public Interactions Easier For People With Learning Disabilities

It's perfect for anyone who needs little extra patience

Transport for Ireland has just introduced a brand new card-based system to help people with learning difficulties navigate public transport and social situations with ease.

The card, called the ‘JAM’ card, allows for users to ask for ‘Just A Minute’ if they feel they need a little extra patience when they are using transport, are in a shop, or any other customer-facing environment.

For people with a learning difficulty, autism or any other condition, communication can sometimes prove difficult. So the JAM card is perfect for asking to be given a little extra time without needing to verbally communicate it.

The card comes with three message options which are:

  • Please be patient, I have autism
  • Please be patient, I have a learning disability/difficult
  • Please be patient, I have a condition

You can get a card from a number of transport hubs around the country, which you can check out here. You can also request one directly from NOW Group here, or you can download the JAM Card app on any Android or IOS.