Trending: Forget Athleisure, Balletcore Is Where It’s At

The trend that'll keep you on your toes

With Spring slowly creeping up we are saying goodbye to those heavy layers (kind of). But with a new trend on the horizon – balletcore, you can transition yourself to some light layering. Our Pinterest boards are flooding with this aesthetic and we’re loving it.

Whether you’ve done ballet before or always wanted to but couldn’t stand on one foot (like me), you can fulfill your ballerina dreams without the bruises and sprains. This trend can help you really bring out the girly side in you that you’ve been dying to experiment with, or you can edge it up. Either way, we are just obsessed with looking like we’ve just stepped out of rehearsals at Julliard!

If you’re curious about the trend here’s your guide to get started with it.


                                                                                  Cream cardigan – Bershka €22.99 

Starting off with a basic you can reuse no matter what the trend. These adorable cardigans are great to mix and match with different styles so if you’re looking at getting into a specific trend, this is a staple. Pairing this cardi with a cute black skirt, sheer black tights, and your pumps you will be fully prepared for that fake performance of Swan Lake you have to get to!

Wrap Skirts 

                                                                                  Pink satin wrap skirt – Zara €22.95

The style of the skirt fits the aesthetic of the trend so much. Picture it: walking home from rehearsals, coffee in your hand, wearing this skirt and matching pink legwarmers, your hair in a perfect bun. If this is your goal then you can’t go wrong with a wrap skirt.


Now, what is a ballerina without their ballet flats? These pumps are to die for because they’re giving Balletcore – but boujee Balletcore. If you’re looking at following this trend but have a little bit of an extra side, the black sparkles and the lace-up details on these flats are absolutely for you. Pairing these over baby pink tights would take the look to the next level too.


                                                                        Black short unitard – Pretty Little Thing €13

This unitard is for our more casual trend gals. Maybe you love Balletcore and want to vibe with the aesthetic but don’t really wear skirts or dresses, you can still dip your toe into the trend without fully committing to it. You can dress this up or down so if you’re looking for a more casual look with the unitard you can pair it with your favourite trainers and a hoodie, giving that post-rehearsal warmup look. Or if you wanted You could throw some jeans and flats on over the piece to dress it up a little.


                                                                                             Black bolero – HM €7 

Boleros come in and out of fashion all the time, and this time they’re back again. You can mix and match these ballet essentials to create the perfect ballerina look. Plus you can look like Olivia Rodrigo in her brutal music video. The ultimate ballerina Y2k vibe.

Leg Warmers

                                                                     Blue iets frans leg warmers – Urban Outfitters €15

Last, but certainly not least… leg warmers. You can’t get more Balletcore than leg warmers! Not only are they practical but they’re so adorable. The best part is you can get literally any colour you want to match an outfit or to add a pop to a simple fit. They’re versatile, but also practical, keeping your footsies warm while we wait for the weather to heat up.

By Sadhbh O’Hara