Trending: Funky Sunglasses To Accessorise Any Look

Block out the sun and the haters with these

With spring here and summer very much on the horizon we’re turning our attention to styling our looks with a pair of sunnies.

Whether it’s for practicality to block the strong rays of the sun or just to add an extra bit of fun to an outfit there are plenty of reasons to add some sunglasses to your look. If you like to play it safe with fashion and don’t normally step out of your comfort zone, you can use sunglasses to try to experiment with different silhouettes, styles and colours. It’s all about finding what style suits you best.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite and funkiest sunnies for you to take your pick from – but here’s your warning, they’re not exactly for the faint-hearted.

Scroll at your own risk.

The funky summer sunnies

                                                                           Purple tinted sunglasses – Zara €19.95

These sunglasses are giving major Y2K vibes but with a modern twist. The big frames are perfect for blocking the sun but also for those days when the dark circles under your eyes are not being friendly. You could dress these sunnies up by making them part of a purple monochrome fit, or dress them down by wearing them on a sun holiday by the pool.

Either way, they make the ultimate cool-girl sunnies.

The city girl sunnies

                                                                Tortoiseshell yellow lens sunnies – Urban Outfitters €22 

If you want a more toned down but still funky look, these may be the ones for you. They’re giving 70s meets Matilda Djerf, don’t you think?

Going the whole hog, we can picture these glasses on a busy city girl, running around in trainers and a matching suit.

The it-girl sunnies 

                                                                   Brown square lens shades – Pretty Little Thing €9

If you want to live your late 90s, matching trackie, iced coffee dream then but need the perfect accessory to do it – look no further. The shape, the thin arms, the colour, it all screams ‘it girl’ to us.

Our favourite thing about these is that they can be worn all year round. On those bright winter weekend mornings, wear them with a cream oversized knitted jumper, fleece-lined leggings and uggs going to get a coffee and then in the summer wear them to the beach with a crochet coverup. We love a versatile accessory.

The pastel sunnies

                                                                 Green long framed sunglasses – Urban Outfitters €22

To add a little bit of pastel chic to your wardrobe, you should definitely put these sunnies in your basket! There’s no better time to incorporate some pastel into your wardrobe than spring.

You could pair them with a matching pastel out or use them as a way to bring a little pop of colour to an otherwise dark outfit.

The all-out Y2K sunnies

                                                             Oversized purple butterfly shades – Pretty Little Thing €11

As if they’ve come straight from a time machine, these glasses are the perfect Paris Hilton-Esque sunnies. From the shape and colour to the tiny butterflies it’s all *chefs kiss* We’re envisioning these styled with a crop top and wide-leg jeans combo.

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Written by Sadhbh O’Hara