Vision Boarding: What Is It And How To Do It?

Just like a real life Pinterest board.

Fancy getting back into arts and crafts? Well, here’s the chance! Grab your stack of magazines and a scissors, because it’s time to get your fab vision boarding together.

Firstly, what is a vision board exactly? Well, think of it as the physical ideas of your goals. Like a real life Pinterest board, displayed proudly on your wall. 

The idea behind vision boarding is basically being able to visualise and imagine your goals. If you think of your imagination as a muscle that has to be exercised, one way to do this is to visualise your goals on a daily basis. It boils down to you wanting something, being aware of your goals and really believing in them. Whether that’s wanting to travel to a new country in 2020, get a certain percentage in your summer exams, or even learning a new language.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s what you’ll need:

Any kind of board, whether it be a notice board or even a sturdy piece of cardboard. It doesn’t really matter, as it’ll soon be transformed into a masterpiece.

Scissors, cellotape, pins, pritt stick: something to put your vision board together.

Magazines or print outs of things you want to look at every day, and envision of course. Photos, quotes, postcards, anything that will inspire you and align with your goals.

Time. Try block out some time on a Sunday evening, stick on your favourite playlist and even light some candles.

Persistence and patience. If you want this to work, you have no choice but to be persistent with it. There’s no point in creating this vision board just to leave it at the back of your wardrobe, now is there? Display it proudly, check in on it daily and be patient.

Think of your vision board as your way of staying motivated towards your 2021 goals. Never mind resolutions, goals are the way to go. Plus, it’ll make for a gorgeous addition to your bedroom decor too!

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