Wait, Are Jeffree Star And James Charles Friends Again?

Fans are totally shook!

So, it looks like James Charles and Jeffree Star could be back on track…maybe?

James Charles released a video with Tik Tok star Charli D’amelio giving the usually natural makeup-loving Charli a tye-dye inspired colourful full glam explosion and we LOVE IT.


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But it seems we aren’t the only fans of this look… nope, apart from the millions of fans who watched the video, Jeffree Star had some kind words to say about the look, and fans are shook.

James and Jeffree haven’t communicated publicly since the infamous fallout from dramageddon last year, but it seems the hatchet may have been buried behind the scenes, or maybe this is Jeffree’s way of extending an olive branch? Jeffree took to twitter to praise the makeup star tweeting, “Um you look SO gorgeous!!! James killed it per usual”.

Fans were taken by surprise when the tweet was posted, commenting their shock underneath , one fan said, “I love positivity but I really had to go outside and check if a pig were flying”, another writing, “Just cause there’s drama in the past doesn’t mean there has to be negativity forever. Legends supporting legends”, which we think hits the nail on the head tbh.

James has yet to respond to the tweet and the pair still don’t follow watch other on Instagram but we will keep an eye out for a sign of full reconciliation!

Words: Jade Carpenter