WATCH: Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans As They Dance To Bad Guy

Their faces!

Cool girl Billie Eilish surprised some of her biggest fans after they were invited to test out the new Just Dance 2020 game.

Billie actually collaborated with the Just Dance team to design the gameplay, which features her mega-hit of 2019 ‘Bad Guy’.

The video shows Billie off to the side watching her fans talk about how much of an inspiration she is to them and how they just love her energy. While her fans are busting out their favourite Billie moves, Billie herself sneaks up behind them and waits for them to notice her before they freak out.

One fan, in particular, explains before she meets Billie, that she never really had friends for a very long time and that she felt bad about herself for a long time. When Billie surprises her, she asks if she can hug her and tells Billie that she is “her everything.”

We sometimes forget that Billie herself is only 17 years old! She posted the video on her own Instagram and said “This made me so happy. Thank you Just Dance for making this happen, and having me be part of your game ❤️ used to watch the one bieber did yeeeaaars ago over and over and over. i cant believe my life. you guys were so sweet.. love you. go watch the full video :)”

We love you, too, Billie!!!


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You can watch the full hilarious clip below:



Words: Aimee Lyons