WATCH: Priyanka Chopra Surprised A Sleepy Nick Jonas With A Puppy

Nick Jonas meeting his new puppy? Could this video contain any more cuteness!


Isn’t it everyone’s dream to wake up to a new puppy jumping on their bed? Well for Nick Jonas this dream came true thanks to his wife Priyanka Chopra. The superstar couple shared the moment Nick was woken up with a furry surprise on Instagram yesterday.


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Actress Priyanka captioned a picture of Nick and the new puppy Gino captioned “Back with my boys…”, accompanied later by a video showing a sleeping Nick waking up to their newest family member! A dazed Nick doesn’t seem to know what is happening at first but soon lets out an adorable gasp of excitement when he realises the slobbery kisses are from his new pup!

Nick, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, also shared the video onto his page saying that the new addition to their clan was the “best surprise” and that he hasn’t “stopped smiling” since woke up to see him on his bed.

Gino the German Shepard puppy is an early anniversary present from Priyanka to Nick who celebrate their first wedding anniversary on December first.

Their new puppy pal has his own Instagram account @ginothegerman if you want to follow his adventures, the couple also run an Instagram for Priyanka’s other dog @diariesofdiana. We are off to follow both pages right now.

Words: Jade Carpenter