We Are Slightly Obsessed With Aideen Kate’s New Hair Colour

"I’m in the pink hair club now."

Quarantine has a lot of people getting experimental with their hair. Whether it’s cutting it themselves, or an at home dye job, it seems not being allowed near a hairdressers has us taking matters into our own hands.

Although we certainly don’t recommend cutting your hair (you will regret bangs, trust us) and at home bleach kits are probably the worst thing you can do, a semi-permanent colour is actually a fun way to experiment.

Aideen shared her new look on Instagram saying; “I had planned on getting this done for coachella but seeing as that didn’t happen I did it myself lol.”

If you already have fair hair, or highlights running through it a bright colour will take to this well. Make sure to get one that’s semi-permanent as they wash out in between 5-20 washes, so if you hate it, it’ll be gone once we’re back out in the real world.

Aideen used a dye from Bleach London in the shade ‘Rose’ and we definitely want to try this ourselves at home.

Bleach Super Cool Colour Rose 150ml; €7.99
Just make sure if you are trying this to get an adults help!

Images via @Aideenkate/Instagram