We Finally Know When Sex Education S3 Is Landing On Netflix

We're about to meet three new characters...

Sex Education is one of the best shows on Netflix right now, covering everything from fun and friendship to the often complicated business of figuring out our sexuality and identity.

The first two seasons won over countless fans and in September, season 3 was officially confirmed.

However, with filming, pandemic restrictions and lots of other factors, we really didn’t know when the season would actually be landing on our screens.

Now though, it’s been confirmed that it will return on September 17th 2021!

So what can we expect from S3?

There’s been no official trailer or spoilers just yet, so for now, we have to look at the last two seasons to figure out what this one might be about.

There’s so much to pick up on since season two, for example: Where do Otis and Maeve stand? Do they get together or does George, and other facts get in the way?

Will Eric be happy with his decision?

How is pregnant Jean getting on? Will Otis have a new brother or sister when we meet them again?

New characters?

What we do know is that the third season will feature several new characters.

First up, is Jason Isaacs, who will play Peter Groff, Mr Groff’s more successful/less modest older brother and Adam’s uncle.

You may know the actor from playing Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, HAP in The OA, and Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

Jemima Kirke will play Hope, the new headmistress at Moordale. You might know her from the TV show Girls, and she was also in the video for Dusk Till Dawn, Zayn’s song featuring Sia.

Dua Saleh will play Cal, a nonbinary student who clashes with Hope.

Sex Education has always been great at representation and including all sorts of characters with different issues, preferences and family situations. So we can’t wait to see what they do with season 3.