We Found Gemma Owen’s Iconic Necklace…But It Costs Around €23,000 So Here Are The Dupes

The real star of Love Island…Gemma’s Jewellery!


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Love Island has given us plenty of drama to focus on this summer, from crawl-gate to the Casa Amor antics, but what’s really caught are attention…Gemma Owen’s necklace.

You know exactly what we’re talking about, the golden choker with x charms that she’s never seen without.

Yes we should be paying attention to the breakups and makeups, but Gemma’s jewellery has stolen our hearts, and who can blame us, the necklace is stunning.

We’ve missed a lot of the drama just try to studying it and trying to figure out if it was star fish or x charms, (it’s x charms btw), and looking for one of our own.

Well if you’re like us then, good news because the hunt is finally over, we’ve found out where Gemma choker is from. But uhhh it isn’t all good news…cause that necklace…is said to cost around £20,000 or €23,600.


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Fans seem to have found the necklace, believing it to be a vintage Tiffany & Co piece from their collaboration with Jean Schlumberger in the 1980s.

Tiffany & Co actually still have some some designs from the collaboration on sale today, but not Gemma’s necklace.

So it’s designer and vintage…hence the hefty price tag.

But even if we had the money, the piece is still extremely hard to find on the resale market…so yeah it’s mission impossible.

But there is the next best thing – dupes. We are expecting a heap of necklaces similar to Gemma’s hitting shops when Love Island finishes up. But if you want to be ahead of the curve, here are the best lookalikes we could find!

Hugs & kisses Tri Tone – €25.43


Lydia Cross Choker – €22.00

Gold Filled Linked C Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set Wholesale Prices Jewelry – €50.77

18k Gold Filled with Cubic Zirconia, XOXO Design Necklace – €63.49

Gold Star Choker Necklace -€31.81