We’re Obsessed With This Star Sign Jewellery From Penneys

Why tell someone your zodiac sign when you could show them?!


In case you missed it (as if!) Penneys is back open and while we’re mainly focused on stocking up on PJs, socks, hair ties and new trends, we’re also delighted to be able to raid the accessories section again!

Its latest offering is perfect for Horoscope lovers or the starsign fanatic in your life.

The bracelet set comes with five colourful bracelets, from friendship style bands to beaded pieces and then one with your star sign. How pretty?

The particular piece shared by Primark Instagram is a Gemini but we can’t wait to have a root in store for the others.


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The whole pack is just €3, which is a total bargain? One for you and all your besties perhaps?

We’re obsessed with astrology jewellery at the minute, and other faves include the Betty & Biddy pendant collection.

Their pretty chains are just €21.

Why tell someone your star sign when you can show them?