Want To Know Emma Chamberlain’s Exact Foundation? Look No Further

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There are few things more thrilling than getting a sneak peek inside a celebs/influencer’s make-up bag. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for my perfect skincare/beauty products, so when someone I follow shares their secrets, I’m all over it.

When it comes to social media star Emma Chamberlain, she doesn’t beat around the bush with her honesty. If you follow Emma you’ll know that she’s a 0 bulls**t kind of gal, so when she raves about a product, you can safely assume it’s the real deal.

Recently sharing her favourite foundation, we did a little research and if you’re in the market for a buildable foundation that won’t leave you cakey but will cover what you want it to – this is for you.

The foundation is Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation, coming in at a slightly pricey 46 Emma can’t recommend it to other’s enough which may be justification for the price tag. In an interview with Byrdie she said: 

“The Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation is unbelievable. It’s like foundation but better”

Going on to explain how she applies it, she says that using your hands is best:

“I apply it with my hands and do a thin layer everywhere. Then, I build on areas that need a little bit more. It’s super buildable, and it’s my dream face makeup product.”


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Seeing it in action, beauty influencer Laura Capon put it to the test. As Laura explains, the foundation is oil-based meaning it won’t agree with silicone or water-based products applied underneath. So, to avoid peeling simply use an oil-based moisturiser, SPF, and/or primer underneath!

If anyone needs me I’ll just be busy adding this to my cart!

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