What Is BeReal? And Should I Download It?

The app that's changing up social media

Have you ever wished that social media could be more… real? It’s normal to scroll through your Instagram feed and see nothing but highly curated and filtered pictures dominate it, but what if we told you that there’s an app going against that grain.

You’ve likely been around a group of people recently and heard someone should ‘BeReal’. Following that their phone will be whipped out, snapping away to capture that very moment.

If you’re unsure what exactly it’s all about, the app is becoming more popular as we speak, and it might be time you hop on board it.

If you’re after more candid shots on social media, BeReal could be the solution. The app works on the basis that everyone with it will receive a notification at the same time, prompting them to take and post a photo of what they’re doing then and there, on their front and back camera.Photo-sharing app BeReal offers an authentic alternative to Instagram

This results in pictures all over the world being shared of people in their most candid state. You could be cooking dinner, sitting in the park, or chilling in bed. The only catch is, you have 2 minutes to post your snap, or else you’ll be late to the game.

The idea behind the app if that it gives you an insight into ‘who your friends really are in their daily life’. So, instead of seeing the perfect set up they organised for an instagram carousel, you’ll see the chaotic moments behind the scenes instead.

Have you got the app? If not, will you be downloading it?