What Is Exfoliating? And Do We Need To Do It?

Hint: You do!

The topic of skincare can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. With thousands of skin products out there, knowing what to use and how to use is a pretty daunting task.

One word that always seems to pop up when we speak about skincare is ‘exfoliation’, so what is it? And do we need to be doing it?

Well, in simple terms, exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face or body by using a gritty substance or exfoliation tool.

Exfoliating can improve your skin in a lot of ways. According to many experts, exfoliation generally leaves your skin looking brighter, clearer and healthier.


If you choose to exfoliate regularly it can drastically help to unclog pores, meaning fewer breakouts and blackheads – can we get a hallelujah?!

If we have convinced you to start incorporating exfoliating into your skincare routine then first of all yay, and second it is advised that you should exfoliate once a week if you have sensitive skin and twice if you combination to oily skin. (Just to remind you, combination skin means you have an oily t-zone but normal/dry cheeks, and sensitive skin means your skin can often be red and gets irritated quite easily).

So, now that you’re armed with all of the exfoliating knowledge you need, here are a few exfoliators we love that we think you might too.

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