What Is Second Hand September And How Can I Do It?

Will you be taking part?


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Second-hand shopping is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. One is that it’s super affordable, meaning that you can find an outfit at any budget. The other is that you’ll find something unique that not everyone else picked up in the same shop, and another reason is for the planet.

Second-hand shopping is a great way to continue to add to your wardrobe and try out new trends, without adding to fast fashion. While fast-fashion is a good option for many people, because of price, accessibility, and size inclusivity, it’s not always best for the planet because of the sheer amount of clothes being made and then thrown out.

Thankfully, you can make little changes that will make a big difference to the planet, and one of those is Second Hand September.

Launched by Oxfam Ireland, Second Hand September is all about embracing charity shops and pausing your spend in fast-fashion stores.

All you have to do is pop into your local Oxfam shop, purchase a piece from the store, share it on your IG or Tiktok, or any social platforms using #SecondHandSeptember and tagging us @oxfamireland. Then you can tag a friend to get involved too.

If you haven’t got an Oxfam nearby, or want to shop elsewhere, that’s great too. There are so many amazing charity shops around the county, in which you get a fab bargain, a new outfit and you’re doing good by donating to charity. Some of our faves include NCBI and Irish Cancer Society shops, which always have great clothes from your favourite high-street stores like New Look, Zara, and Boohoo!


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Even shopping on Depop is a way to do Second Hand September, as in most cases, the seller is advertising preloved clothes that they no longer want or need.

Just take a break from shopping online and on the highstreet, and try second-hand for a month. We bet by the time September is up you’ll be converted, and find yourself in charity shops every weekend!


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