Why Are Some Periods So Different To Others?

As it turns out, it's all about those hormones.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, periods are completely unreliable. One month, you could be curled up in the worst pain of your life, the next, you could be flying through the days feeling just fine.

We know that periods can take a while to regulate – if they ever do just by themselves. But when we think of regular periods, our minds usually just think of our period arriving on the same date each month and lasting for the same amount of time each month too.

So why are some periods completely different to others, other than their due date?

Well, it turns out that how heavy or painful your period is also comes down to itself regulating, and your hormonal balance. When you’re on your period, your hormones almost act as if they’re in a relay race. So as your cycle begins, one hormone will trigger the next, that will kick off the next hormone and so on.

Having more or less of these hormones, and how long it takes them to join in the ‘relay race’, can all affect the length, heaviness, and pain levels of your period. It all comes down to your hormones getting balanced.

While you might be able to do anything about it right now, it can be helpful to track your periods so you can begin to learn more about them, and hopefully, be a little more prepared. You can keep an eye on your symptoms and understand why your mood, skin, energy levels and overall function might change at certain times of the month.

Keep an eye on the dates when your period arrives, your mood and symptoms on the days leading up to that date, and do this for the first few months or so. You can use a journal, your phone notes or your calendar, and there’s plenty of free apps that can help too. Read all about period tracking right here.

If you feel like there may be something wrong, you can speak to your GP, and it could also be worth chatting to a parent or guardian, or maybe even an older sister, even to put your mind at ease.

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