Why Is Abby Lee Miller So Obsessed With How Charli D’Amelio Stands?

"here's abby lee again,"

If you watched the TV show Dance Moms, you probably know Abby Lee Miller from that, but if you didn’t, you might just know her from commenting on people’s Instagram posts.

The choreographer and reality star took to Instagram over the weekend to comment on Charli D’Amelio’s post.

Charli shared a pic of herself holding her signature Dunkin drink wearing a cute tennis skirt and crop.


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It wasn’t long before Abby commented: “Adorable girl turned ⭐️The feet on purpose 💔breaks my heart!”

Abby is referencing the fact that Charli’s feet are touching, and facing inward. Dancer are encouraged to point their feet out to elongate their legs.

Of course, Charli isn’t dancing, and Abby isn’t her teacher, so it’s basically just Abby commenting on how Charli is standing which is a little odd.

What’s more strange is that it’s not the first time Abby has done this.


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Back in October, Charli posted a mirror OOTD, and Abby commented: “Turn those feet out pretty girl”

While Charli hasn’t responded either time, over 600 people replied to her comment over the weekend.

“she isn’t dancing in this photo, she knows how to turn out her feet, she doesnt need ur advice bye,” @Doah.eap wrote.

“heres abby lee again,” another added.

We know that lockdown has given us all a lot of time, but maybe Abby Lee Miller could find a better way to spend hers?


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