Why It’s Perfectly Okay To Not Have A Best Friend

The summer holidays can be a difficult time for people who feel left out

So, you’ve been in school for years now, and you feel like you don’t have that ‘ride or die’ BFFL that everyone else seems to have, or a solid friend group with who you do everything with. With the summer holidays in full swing, it can be a difficult time for people who feel a little lonely or left out by their peers.

Here’s why this is totally normal and the idea of a ‘best friend’ might be different than you think.

Social media squads are unrealistic 

It can be hard sometimes when you’re seeing the likes of Kylie and Stas and Taylor Swift’s squad on Instagram to compare your friendships to theirs. But if we’ve learned anything from Kylie and Jordyn Woods, it’s that social media pics are not an accurate measure of a true friendship. It can be easy to want to get pictures with certain people to show that you’re friendly but remember just because you don’t have one best friend to plaster pictures of all over your ‘gram, social media doesn’t mean anything about a friendship, you don’t have to prove your relationships to anyone else.

It’s okay to be part of several friend groups 

It is totally normal to feel a little bit lost if you don’t automatically know who you’re going to the next disco with or who to invite to your birthday. You don’t have to decide on your friend group right now and it’s totally normal to have friends from different groups – the more the merrier! Think about who makes you laugh and who you have fun with, sometimes it can be harder if you’re trying to fit in with a group who don’t really seem like true friends, exclusive friend groups can be quite toxic in the long run. Everyone meets their friends at different times so who knows, you might meet someone you totally click within your first job, or in college, there’s going to be a lot of people in and out of your life so don’t put pressure on yourself if you’re in between groups right now.

You don’t have to have one best friend

If you can’t call one single person your best friend, don’t look at it as a bad thing. Having a few good friends means that you have someone to go to for different issues. You could have one friend who is really fun to be with when you’re going out and you always have a laugh together, another might be great at making you feel better when you have a problem and someone else could be your go-to for a goss sesh! It’s not that common to find someone who fulfills all these roles, so having a few pals that help with different situations is not only perfectly normal, but also really great!

You don’t need dozens of close friends

When it comes to friendships think quality over quantity. Yes, it’s nice to be friendly with a lot of people but having a close circle of true friends is special and you should cherish these when you recognise them instead of looking for a new friend and ignoring the ones who are there.

Family friends

Your ‘best friend’ doesn’t have to be someone you go to school with it can often be your mom, sister, brother, or even your dog! The good thing about having a family member is that they are always going to be there for you and most likely live in your house too, double the fun! There is nothing wrong with being best friends with your parents or big sis, as they are always going to want the best for you and having a good relationship with them is very special.

As you can see stressing over friendship labels is a waste of time, pay attention to those you have fun with and think about joining some clubs to meet people with shared interests if you’re looking to expand your social circle. Be yourself and friendships will form naturally and easily, and remember that KISS is always here for you!