Why You Need To Make A Reverse Vision Board This Month

It's time to make note of what we've already achieved.

We love collages around here, whether they’re digital versions on Pinterest or Canva or a real life version using photos, stickers and cuttings from magazines.

Vision boards have always been a massive hit with those looking to achieve their goals, as it gives us an opportunity to lay all our hopes and dreams out in front of us to give us a clearer picture of what we really want.

Whether it’s for style, career, interiors or just the general year ahead, vision boards are the creative self care movement we all love.

But, have you heard of reverse vision boards? Well, read on to find out what you need to make one this month.

What is a reverse vision board?

Well, instead of focusing on upcoming plans or future goals, a reverse vision board is for listing and visualising all the your achievements of the past year. Instead of thinking about what you’d like to do, you’re looking at all the amazing things you’ve already done.


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A post shared by Molly Roberts (@mollerina_)

One of our faves, tiktoker and influencer Mollerina recently made one to look back on all she achieved in 2021. Taking to Instagram Stories, she wrote: “I made a reverse vision board last night… just to celebrate the victories I did have and things I did accomplish because I was feeling disappointed about not reaching some goals – but I think it’s important to not compare others journeys and also be grateful for what you have done.”

While Molly focused on her career achievements, you can make on that focuses on the year as a whole or focus on one area you really feel proud of.

So what goes on a reverse vision board?

You can stick down anything at all that you want to acknowledge from the past year. Success looks different to everyone so what some people stick down may to different to others. Check out some suggestions below:

  • Fun trips you went on
  • Nice days out with friends,
  • Dates or romantic memories
  • Family time
  • School achievements
  • Sporting or creative achievements
  • Beauty/fashion looks you loved
  • Job achievements
  • Photos you’re proud of taking
  • Purchases you’re proud of saving up for

The list is really endless.

How do I do it? 

Much like a vision board, you really just need some glue, magazines, photographs and stickers, you can use ticket stubs, receipts or tags, post its, printed screenshots of texts or anything else that reminds of you of the brilliant parts of your year. Stick them all down on a page and hang it up to remind yourself how much you achieved.

Or you can make a virtual one and set it as your screensaver on your phone or laptop.

What are the benefits

We often talk about appreciation, and living in the present, and a reverse vision board will help you do just this. While it’s great to look forward, it’s also really important to take stock of what’s going on around you right now, and really embrace the good things you’ve done already. Give yourself credit because you’re AMAZING!