Why You Should Never Buy Detox Teas Or Diet Products From Insta

Don't let social media trick you into thinking you need them.


It’s January, which means that you get a fresh start at school and get a new calendar. But as we ease into 2020, we’re likely to see lots of information and ads about weight loss, exercise and changing our bodies. The best thing to do with all of this is ignore it. You should never change something about yourself just because something or someone online tells you too, and especially not just because it’s January.

If you’re a regular Instagram user, and follow influencers and stars, chances are, you might see people selling detox tea, powders, shakes and things like that.

Insta ≠ Real Life! 

It’s important to remember that people selling these products are paid lots of money to promote them on social media, and many of them may not have even tried them. Many of the people promoting the products probably lost weight in other ways such as working out with a personal trainer or getting cosmetic surgery, even if they say it was from the products in their hands.

So if you’re tempted to click purchase on these products, think again. We spoke to an expert, registered dietician with years of experience, on why you should stay away from these types of products.

They Don’t Work 

“Detox teas will not help you lose weight,” say Orla Walsh. She warns what they can do to your body is much worse: “They often contain laxatives so they may give you diarrhoea and cause vomiting.”

So if they don’t work, why are these products selling? “Body image is very personal,” Orla explains.

“Some people feel very insecure. These people use other people’s vulnerabilities to make money. They claim to result in weight loss. However, there is no quality scientific proof to back up their statements.”

They Are Very Dangerous 

But unpleasant bodily functions aren’t the only reason you should avoid them, as Orla stresses.

“Some detox supplements are incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, people have died from taking weight loss supplements.”

“They are particularly bad for teens,” she adds, “as teenage years are sacred. The body is still growing and developing. Anything that disrupts this process can have life long consequences.”

So if your favourite influencer who you love to watch and listen to promotes these products? “Unfollow them!” says Orla. It’s really important that the people you follow on social media promote a healthy safe lifestyle. But if you can’t quite click unfollow on a Kardashian, just keep in mind that lots of what they’re selling may not be the real deal.

If you thought that trying detox tea would be an easy and quick way to lose weight, what can you do instead?

“You may not need to lose weight,” Orla explains. Sometimes social media and peers can make us think that we need to look a certain way, but in actual fact, it might be less about losing weight and more about finding confidence.

“If you are overweight or want to get healthier, focus on eating more healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, peas, lentils, fish, unprocessed meat and dairy,” Orla says.

Always talk to a trusted adult about any issues you may be having.