Will Ariana Grande And BTS Collab At The Grammys This Weekend?

Arinators and the Army prepare yourselves.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s when two of our favourite people collide.

So when Ariana Grande crossed paths with BTS this week we quite honestly lost it.

But, it’s not just the fact that these two superstars have brushed shoulders that has us excited, it’s the possibility of the two collabing, right in front of our very eyes that has us SHOOK.

A shot of the group was taken backstage at the Staples Centre in LA where The Grammys will be held in just a few days time.


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look who i bumped into at rehearsal 🙂

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Captioning the snap Ari said:

“Look who I bumped into at rehearsal”

Rumour has it that BTS will be performing their own version of “Old Town Road” while Ariana will be singing one or two of her hits also. But, our collaboration senses are tingling and we have a sneaky suspicion that the two mammoths of the music biz might just come together to give us one big show-stopping performance.

Arinators and the Army prepare yourselves.