6 Ways To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Try at least one of these this weekend...



Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space. Unfortunately, you can’t really go changing your kitchen or sitting room, but your bedroom is your own and it should feel that way. From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up and have your friends over to. This week, we’re looking at the making even the smallest bedroom, feel more roomie! 


1. White Wall

We’re not suggesting you dig through the shed for a paint brush RIGHT NOW, but if you’re planning on painting your room any time soon, try a white wall. If you’re dead set on hot pink or lilac, go for it, but instead of painting all four walls in a vibrant colour, pick the biggest feature wall and go for it on that one. Paint the rest white or cream. It’ll make the room seem bigger and brighter and you’ll still have the pop of colour you’ve wanted for ages!

2. Smart Furniture

If you just wish you had enough space for a cool velvet chair or dainty vanity table, don’t give up just yet. You can opt for furniture in a small room, just make sure it’s multifunctional. If you’re looking for sitting space, get a velvet pouf, but make sure it’s one which opens up at the top, so you can store things inside. If you’re going for a desk, get one with some drawers or space underneath for nice boxes or baskets, so you’re not giving up valuable storage space.


Try something like this, for around €30 on Amazon.

3. Mirrors

Most of us have mirrors in our rooms, but if it’s on your desk or has a thick frame around it, try swapping it for something a little different. Try opting for a big one on the wall can make a huge difference to the space, and it doesnt take up any room on the desk or shelf. Try a full length mirror on your wall, or a large circular one to give the illusion of more space, getting one with a thin frame, or none at all, ensures that all the space it’s taking up is making the room seem bigger. Plus it makes getting ready for a party or date even easier!

4. Pick a block colour duvet cover

It can be tempting to go for your favourite Disney character splashed all over your duvet cover, and if that’s what you want, go for it! But, if you really want to make your room seem bigger, opt for a clear, one colour duvet cover make the space seen clean, clear and fresh. Try a white cover (if you can avoid tea and makeup spillages) or one to match the colour of your feature wall to really pull the room together. If you can’t be without pattern, try a simple one like little polka dots, or stripes.


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If you don’t want to skip the colour, opt for some vibrant cushions or pillows to keep some warmth.


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5. Make sure the entrance is clear

It can make a big difference if you can walk into your room in a clear path. No awkward table sticking out, no walking around the bed to get to the window, a clear entrance can make a room feel super spacious. Have a think about what you can change around to ensure you can walk in without bumping into anything. The same goes for behind the door. Hangers on the back of the door can be a handy storage option, but if it’s bursting with dressing gowns, belts, bags and coats, it won’t even open fully, which makes the place feel pretty cramped. Have a think about what actually needs to go on the back of the door, and leave it to just one or two items.

6. Do a clearout

Perhaps the most obvious one, but the one you’ll avoid if you can – the clearout. Something as simple making a clear decision about what goes one your shelves (instead of just about anything) can make a big difference. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is obviously the easiest and quickest way to make more space in your room. Have a think about what whether you actually still use all the makeup filling up in your drawer, or wear all the jewellery you have in that box. There are definitely some clothes you can that could be donated or brought to a swap shop. Your room will thank you for it!

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