You Can Now Buy Colin The Caterpillar Cake Jars

The chocolate Gods have spoken

Via M&S

Colin, he’s the delicious little caterpillar we’ve all grown to know and love. A staple at most childhood parties, fans of Colin will be delighted to know that they now no longer have to wait for a birthday to roll around to munch on him.

M&S has just launched a Colin the Caterpillar cake jar, and people already can’t get enough.

The new product comes in three different flavours, you have your classic colin, a fruity raspberry ripple and a trillionaire’s cake for those with a serious sweet tooth.

If you’re wondering how exactly the jars will work, M&S has said that they are filled with different layers, each a different classic colin flavour, so you’ll have your sponge, filling, chocolate and so on.


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The jars have just launched in the UK and are selling for £4 so we reckon it won’t be too long before the delicious treat will be here with us in Ireland.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the next few months during that all exciting weekly shop!

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