You Can Now Choose To Hide Likes On Instagram And Facebook

Here's how to do it.

We all know by now that the number of likes you get or followers you have just does not matter. It’s not a measure of your worth or how interesting your content is, but sometimes it’s hard not to feel the pressures of social media.

Thankfully for those reasons, social media apps Instagram and Facebook are now offering all users the option to turn off public like counts.

The concept isn’t entirely new of course. Instagram has been making changes to their likes feature over the last 2 years, with hidden likes being been tested out in various countries across the world, including Ireland.

It seems as though the experiments went to plan, as from this week onward all social media users will be given the option to privatise their like count, worldwide.

You will now have the option to both hide the like count underneath your own pictures, and the like count on other people’s posts too.

If you do choose to turn off the likes on your own post, other people won’t be able to view them either.

So, how can you make use of the new feature?

The feature is currently still in its early stages of production, and so may not be available to you just yet. However, don’t panic, rest assured it is on its way.

On Instagram, you can visit the ‘New Posts’ section in Settings and hide the likes on other people’s posts there. For your own pictures, you can choose the option to hide your likes when you share a picture, this can be changed any time you choose.

As for Facebook, the setting is yet to land. It’s expected that the new feature will be launched in the coming weeks.