You Can Now Get Matching Face Masks And Scrunchies From ASOS

We need one in every colour

Face masks are becoming a huge part of our everyday lives.

Whether it’s on public transport, in shops or anywhere you can’t keep your distance from others, you should have a mask on, according to Government regulations.

The most sustainable and affordable option is a reusable face covering which you can wash and use again and again. This probably means that they’re set to become a pretty hot accessory with loads of styles and prints.

ASOS have caught on quick and already have super stylish masks on site. Their latest launch is one we’re pretty obsessed with tbqh!

They have a range of face masks with matching scrunchies!!! It also comes with an adorable pouch so you can keep the mask wrapped up when you’re not using it.

It currently comes in two floral styles and costs €17.

Just imagine how put together you’re gonna look in a simple jeans and t-shirt look finished off with some gold jewellery and a facemask that matches your scrunchie.

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Get the pink one and blue one here on ASOS.

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