10 Signs That Prove You’re Obsessed With Christmas

There's always AT LEAST one in the group!

It’s almost that time of year, who’s ready for sleigh-bells to start ringing? We are! At KISS we are Christmas obsessed and we’ve come up with a few tell-tale signs to see if you are too.

You think it’s perfectly acceptable to start talking about Christmas before Halloween

Halloween who? Christmas begins as soon as it gets cold and shops who stock Christmas decorations in October are so alright with you.

Nobody else can put the star on top of the tree. Period.

Not even the little cousins who come to stay with you on Christmas can take this job. You will go head to head if you’re challenged, age is but a number and you can reach higher than they can (even if you have to stand on a chair or your brother’s shoulders!).

If you could listen to Xmas FM all year round you would.

The smooth sound of Bublé’s voice coming out of the radio on a crisp winter morning on the way to school, you just can’t beat it. Festive tunes never fail to brighten the mood. The iconic station is launching this year on 28 November! (We’ve already set a reminder).

There is so much joy in walking under the Christmas lights on a cold winter’s night

Even if it is November. Jack frost nipping at your nose from under your scarf as the carol singers swell the streets it’s like something from a movie and you don’t even mind the cold.

Decorating the tree and wrapping gifts are very important tasks that must not be rushed

Another job that cannot be taken from you, official Christmas tree picker and gift wrapper. Chief of festivities and no festive activity must go on without you. Each one is precious and must be given deserved time. You know your way around a curly ribbon and a perfectly wrapped perfume, sure Boots may as well hire you at this stage!

You watch the Late Late Toy show every year

You’re never, ever too old. Christmas Pj’s on and fire lit, maybe even a pen and paper ready to go to write down your fave toys… for old time’s sake…  now pass the sweeties!

Elf is a staple movie to watch any time of year, no discussion.

Is this even debatable? Classic film.

You still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, the excitement is just too much

You swear you heard some jingling and a clatter on the roof… although maybe it was the whole selection box you just ate that has you a bit hyper!

Chai latte is a staple in your Starbucks order year-round

Its Christmas in a cup! And especially when the Christmas cups come in, there’s nothing better. In fact, a Christmas keep-cup is ideal for forcing your love of Xmas on your friends all year round!

As soon as it hits December 26th the countdown begins again!

It’s marked on your calendar and you’ve made an Instagram countdown, only 365 days!

Words: Jade Carpenter