You Need To See These Retro Pictures The Cast Of ‘Little Women’ Took

Move over, selfies

If you haven’t seen Little Women yet, well, first of all, what are you doing, and second of all, you NEED to.

If you have seen it, then you’ll be aware of the ultimate throwback goals it serves.

The Oscar-nominated movie is based on Louisa May Alcott’s novel, ‘Little Women’, based around the characters of Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy as they grow up together and navigate the world of life and love.

While the storyline is cute – the fashion and aesthetics are equally as cute, and earlier this week the official Little Women Twitter account shared special pictures they took of the cast, and they’re kind of perfect.

The pictures were taken by photographer Wilson Webb using the collodion process aka wet plate photography.

A little different from your average selfie, the pictures look exactly like the ones you would find of your great-grandparents, and we need an Insta filter just like it asap.

And the ‘Little Women’ gals are just as excited as we are about the pictures.

Speaking about the process, photographer Wilson said:

“I explained what I was doing and they could see the image fade up from black as it developed. Emma was especially intrigued and said she wanted a wet-plate studio in her house.”

Check out some of our favourite pictures below!