Your Ultimate Back To School Check List

Are you all set?

Heading back to school can be super exciting and super daunting too. This means that the more prepared and organised you are, the more enjoyable it will be. Over the next few days, why not get your room and school bag sorted so that you have your best September ever!

What to do

Clean your room

You’re not going to have as much time to get ready in the mornings, and you’re not going to be spending as much time at home. For that reason, it’s a really good idea to have a clean room the week you start. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about going back to the classroom, or about the work load, or anything else, a clean room can really help to have a clear mind. If you’re short on space, pack away your summer bits and set up your room for a cosy autumn. If you need more tips on creating the perfect bedroom, check out our Room Revamp series.

Organised desk space

Hopefully, we’ll be in the classroom this year, instead of working from home, but you’ll be doing homework/study and any other school projects at home in the evenings and weekends. So it’s a great idea to have a clean, clear desk full of practical things like pens, notebooks, a good lamp and space for a laptop. You might have to clear some makeup or accessories off your counter to create a study space, but it will be so worth it when you have an essay due and you don’t have to think about making space to get it done.

Wash/organise school bag

You obviously don’t need a new school bag every year, so if you’re using the one you had last year, it might be a good idea to give it a wash or clean before your first day back. It’s probably been sitting in a closer or under your bed for many many months so it might not be the cleanest, freshest bag right now. If you can stick it in the washing machine, you’ll ensure it’s clean and ready for all your new books. If you can’t, even try hanging it out on the washing line to get some fresh air through it. You’ll be grateful when you’re filling it with all your new supplies.

What to pack

Speaking of school bags, we’ve put together a list of things you should pack. While you know you need your school books and subject supplies, it might be a good idea to tick all the below off the night before you go back.

Hand sanitiser

A school planner

A Pencil case

A lunch box (with a good lid to avoid spillages!)

A reusable water

Hair ties

Fruit/cereal bars for snacking

A small makeup bag (if you’re a makeup wearer)


Spare socks/tights

Period products

A spare mask



Remember, no matter what this school year throws at you, you’ve got this!