YouTuber Kameron Lester Speaks Out Against Jeffree Star

He said he will no longer support Jeffree Star, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or Shane Dawson.

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, many, many people are speaking out about their own experiences, including those in the beauty and YouTube industry. Recently, beauty influencer Kameron Lester has been speaking about his own experience, shining a light on his relationship with Jeffree Star. In an Instagram Live, Kameron opened up about why he will “no longer support Jeffree Star, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or Shane Dawson.”

In the emotional video, Kameron explained that although he once modelled for a Jeffree Star Cosmetics campaign, he felt tokenized and also that many of Jeffree’s promises to him weren’t followed through.

“I just felt like it was never a friendship, it was never a friendship in the beginning to start with, it was always just something like I was the kind of like the token black kid,” he said.

From there, Kameron reminisced on when Jeffree had asked him about his affiliation with James Charles, only a couple of months before the public feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook.


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“There was an instance that [Jeffree] like asked me if I like James or not. And I was just so shocked – he was just like ‘do you like James?,’ like ‘do you like him’ and I was just so shocked and uncomfortable, because he was such like a big powerhouse,” Kameron told his viewers. “I was uncomfortable, there’s people around me, and he was so blunt – just out of nowhere asked me ‘do you like James?'”

“James helped me with my career when I first got into the beauty space and tell my HIV story – like, he’s been very supportive of me,” Kameron continued. “And I was like ‘I don’t have a problem with him. Do I agree with everything he does? No. But I don’t have a personal problem with him.’ He’s done so much for me so why would I go against him? And [Jeffree] was like ‘well, you don’t f**king owe him forever.'”


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Kameron continued, remembering a call between Jeffree and Shane that following day, “I remember Shane Dawson called and he was going off about James Charles and just like cursing James out. And I was just kind of taken back, because I’ve never seen Shane Dawson like that and he was just going in on James. From there, I knew Shane Dawson wasn’t really the person he was perceived [to be] online.”

After these incidents, Jeffree cast Kameron’s ex-best friend, instead of him in the next beauty campaign. “I felt like he was trying to send the message in some way that I was replaceable as a black boy,” he said.

“I felt like this was a game. Even with Shane Dawson posting me on his platform [last week] – I was grateful, but I felt like it was kind of to silence me to be like ‘we’re gonna keep giving you breadcrumbs and hanging you by a string and manipulating you so you can stay quiet.’ I felt always silenced.”

Kameron then explained that he never spoke about his experience before out of fear. “I fear for my life. I was so paranoid and so scared of this man,” he said, talking about Jeffree. “Moving forward, I will no longer just be the token black person. I will no longer just be the black boy that is there to make you look good or speak up for you, because it’s not reciprocated.”

Neither Jeffree Star or Shane Dawson have publicly replied or mentioned Kameron’s video or comments.

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